’tis the season.

Wreathes: henryhudson.com.au

‘Tis the season. For me, the holiday season means visiting my family farm, eating an excessive amount of Rum Balls and Trifle (my mum is the best cook ever, I did not inherit that gene), seeing my nieces and nephews excited faces when they open their presents on Christmas morning (at 6am), having Christmas Eve dinner with my childhood friends, Christmas Lasagna, going on walks to hunt out fig trees and secretly stuff my face. Ok for me its more “‘Tis the season for lycra pants”.

When im not eating Christmas Lasagna, I love rifling through some outstanding cutting gardens and farms with my loved ones (or people I drag along) collecting fun foliage and blooms and creating my own christmas decorations. Being in Australia, sometimes we do miss out on some of the seasons traditions that have been made so popular all over the world, like evergreen wreaths. Personally, I think traditional wreaths look out of place here, in the 30°C plus heat, so people resort to plastic wreaths, which look even more out of place.

Mikarla Bauer, the florist formerly know as The Lone Hydrangea on Instagram, is an absolute floral star. Not only is Mikarla an all round awesome person, but she came up with a few solutions to my wreath problems and made me coffee. What more could I ask for?!

“A twist of Dogwood” is the best way to describe our hero image. It’s a touch of traditional, with a twist of dogwood and a peppering of Artichoke foliage.

Wreathes: henryhudson.com.au

“Crescent or Swag?”, either way this is my favourite, its sweet and simple. With a touch of Pine, a few fruit branches and a sprinkling of thistles, this would go perfectly in my family home at Christmas.

wreaths: henryhudson.com.au
Wreathes: henryhudson.com.au

“Summer Colour Overload” is packing a punch in either the traditional wreath shape or for something different a diamond shape, Mikarla used Fuschia, Passionfruit Vine, Hydrangea, Peaches, Columbines and other stunners to create this show stopper.

wreaths: henryhudson.com.au

Whilst Mikarla outdid herself, these are a more of my favourites. Mr Cook’s dried Banksia Leaf wreath, Emily Thompson’s Pear, Spruce and Maple Crescent wreath and Studio Choo’s wreath, which uses both traditional and modern botanical materials.

So it’s time to get creative this holiday season with your festive decorations, especially if its hotter than an oven outside. A huge thank you to Mikarla for your creativity, amazing flowers and general awesomeness. If you want to find out more about Mikarla, head over here.
Henry x
Credits: Main Images: Mikarla Bauer. | One: Mr Cook. | Two: Emily Thompson Flowers. | Three: Studio Choo.

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  1. Byrd & Spry December 18, 2013

    All brilliant! Thought I loved the bottom one then saw it was the genius ladies at Studio Choo!

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