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Recently, I read a blog post critiquing social media, like Instagram, Twitter and blogs, for highlighting only the best moments of life and showcasing only the most beautiful pictures. Rather than showing what life really is like for people working in creative fields, our lives are portrayed as living in glorious moment after glorious moment. Being mindful of this, I want to show what a day looks like for me and our floral studio. Alot of what we do is fun, creative, and beautiful, but much of it is planning, prepping, and cleaning. Often creative industries, like floristry, won’t show the grunt work behind the scenes, as if to tarnish what we do and to take away from the beauty of it. Rather, I would like to highlight this, to give meaning to this industry, and to demystify the idea that all we do is play with flowers.

Here goes my day…

6amTime to wake up and get my three year old out of bed. Coffee is sitting bed-side waiting for me every morning; my husband is a saint. It’s on to try to dress my half-asleep little one by pushing his limbs through clothes, which is like dressing a potato-sack with a bobble head, then bribe him to eat breakfast before my husband whisks him off to daycare.

7amChecking emails, checking voicemails! There are 35 messages in my inbox from the weekend – why?! I have a message from a supplier: “Such and such didn’t come in for your wedding this weekend” something no florist wants to hear, because it’s also something no bride wants to hear. I scramble, quickly getting on the phone to other suppliers. Now I need to get ready; I do need to look presentable for my job too, so make-up, dress, and hair. GO! Every morning I convince myself that if I can’t see the mess of tangled hair at the back of my head, no one will see it either… right?!

8amTransit to work. I grab another coffee, to go of course. Honestly, this is my time to relax in the day. I do a crossword on the subway.

9amAt work. There are still 35 messages looming in my inbox, but I put these off for now. Set-up the store front, water plants, put out flowers, and sweep. There are stacks of dirty buckets and vases lining the back counter-tops, which I get to immediately, it is these moments when I consider myself to be a glorified bucket washer.
10amTime to get the flower orders for the day ready for the courier to pick up. This is where I get to get creative and make some pretties.

11amOne of my suppliers has shown up, carrying arm-fulls of amazing flowers and tropical greenery through our front door which have been ordered for an upcoming jungle-themed event we are designing. Time to process all this product, cleaning off leaves, cutting, and placing into buckets upon buckets.

noonI get to that long list of emails – answers back, invoices, wedding quotes, wedding logistics etc. I eat my lunch standing and staring at the computer. 100% glamour.

1pmLast minute consultation for a wedding next weekend, the bride laughed at me and said “you shouldn’t answer emails at 10pm.” I replied, “I don’t have a choice!” She books me, I am on the phone immediately with suppliers. This is stressful!

2pmI get a phone call: “If we order 60 centerpieces, how much would that cost, and do you offer free delivery?”…Ah price-checkers! Mother of the Bride walks through the door with 50 vases for her daughter’s wedding this weekend and we firm up last minute details and the delivery times.

3pmAnother supplier has shown up, but this time with flowers for this weekends weddings. Time to condition some more flowers! I then remember the standing client order we have to fill today, so I run down the street to grab the vases.

4pmShove buckets and vases into the cooler and scoot down the street to drop off that standing client order.

5pmAnswer more emails and its then time to pack up the store front. I have a giant mess of leaves on the shop floor which means I’m now on broom duty.

6pmClose shop and walk an outdoor planter to a client’s home six blocks away. Can we all say heavy?!

7pmPop into a little shop to grab ribbons and other supplies. Then jump on the subway to finally head home and work on flower orders for upcoming weddings. OH NO I just realize I left my cell phone at the little shop I stopped into and panic!

8pmMy saint of a husband picks me up from the subway station, he drops my son and I off at home, before driving downtown to fetch my cell phone. I get to start dinner and feed the wee one.

9pmI take my son outside to play tag. We sit in the grass and tell stories to each other, waiting outside for my husband to return home. I try to live in the moment with my son.

10pmBathe the boy and get him into bed. Read him a story or two or three…. Then its time to check my inbox just one last time for the day.

At the end of the day, I do get to create some spectacular designs and meet exceptional people through our work. I would never give up retail because of all the stories and life events we are blessed to share with our clientele and friends.

Rachelle x

Credits: Botany Floral Studio. (A big thanks to the amazingly talented and dedicated, Rachelle Soucy, Owner & Head Designer of Botany Floral Studio! If you want to see some more of Rachelle’s work, head over here.)


  1. Clover May 31, 2013

    Rachelle needs an assistant! Stat!

  2. Rachelle May 31, 2013

    Haha! Clover! I agree!!

  3. Nikki May 31, 2013

    Thanks for sharing Rachelle! As an aspiring designer, I love reading these stories, such honesty helps me to narrow in on what I want my future with flowers to be like. I really appreciate it!

  4. Danielle Fraser June 1, 2013

    Oh I loved reading this after a long day (similar to Rachelle’s!) processing stock, filling shop, eating at bench, reading and answering emails, liaising with clients/brides! Then we all smile sweetly when our clients exclaim “oh you are so lucky playing with flowers all day!” Ask my three understanding children and saintly husband how much of my time is “playing”!! Love you HH! Love you on Instagram too!

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