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Henry Hudson: And the winner is..
We would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter our first (and hopefully not our last) competition! We were overwhelmed with a number of entries, it is beyond amazing, and unexpected, to see so many people follow Henry Hudson. It was difficult to pick just one winner as there were so many great entries, however in the end we did pick a winner, Congratulations Georgie Green!
The HH team x

competition time!

Henry Hudson Competition
For me every time a new year rolls round, I get to thinking about all the things that I am looking forward to. New ideas, new goals, new challenges and new inspiration. What inspires me is and will always be flowers, of all shapes and sizes, and seeing what beauty can be created with this medium.

Seeing the rise in more florists growing their own seasonal materials and everyones keen interest in sharing their work gave me an idea, and here it is, the first ever Henry Hudson competition! We have a Southern Harvest Seed Pack (with really cool varieties like Black HollyHock, Yellow Violets and Ornamental Grasses) and a Canon Camera and Lens Kit to give away with hopes that in 2014 we can all grow more of our own seasonal flowers, share the beauty and inspire more of our floral friends all over the world!

Click Here To Enter.


Amy x


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    We are interested in everything floral from pretty wedding bouquets to grand scale botanical installations. We are constantly searching for the exceptional, the cool, the fun and innovative botanical and floral designers, creations and inspiration from around the globe to share them with you!

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