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Colour Inspiration: Green.

Colour Inspiration - Green

Today, I am green with envy! I don’t really need to put too many words to this piece, these amazing images speak for themselves. I am envious that I wasn’t there to experience some of these grand floral pieces in person! The green piece to purchase is this very cool Jelly Planter by Angus and Celeste, which would look beyond amazing dripping with lush fernery!

Credits:  Love ‘n Fresh Flowers.  |  Munster Rose.  |  Cecilia Fox.  |  Angus and Celeste.  |  Nouveau Romantics.

Colour Inspiration: White.

Colour Inspiration: White

The HH dream team has been on the DL for a few weeks working on our new look website and combing endlessly through the global floral world to bring you more delightful floral inspiration! This week we are back with a splash of colour, and what a delight it is to be inspired by all that is clean, crisp and pale featured. We love white!
Credits:  Mikarla Bauer.  |  Frances Palmer.  |  Nouveau Romantics.  |  Sarah Winward.  |  Munster Rose.


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