Colour Inspiration: Ruby.

HH Colours - Ruby.

Of all the colour inspiration posts that we have done, this would have to be my favourite! These jewel tone blooms have 100% captured my heart. From the work of the super talented Fjura (who consistently floors everyone with her show-stopping designs) to the ever wonderful Studio Choo! And to make this colour profile even more exciting, get a load of that skirt! MGSM‘s Floral Print Duchesse Satin Skirt features a crushed eye-shadow print that mimics flowers!

Credits:   Fjura.   |   Sarah Winward.   |   MGSM.   |   Max Gill.   |   Studio Choo.

art flowers, the floral contemporary.

Olivier Dupon, author of titles such as The New Artisans and The New Pâtissiers, last week released his newest title Art Flowers. It features 38 Floral artists from 14 countries, including some of my absolute favourites! It is so wonderful to see such a variety of designs displayed. With stunning imagery and wonderful stories, this book is a great read and a great source of inspiration that you could continuously return to!

Henry Hudson - Art Flowers

Getting to know the author a little more, we asked Olivier what he found most interesting about the floral world while he was creating this book…
The sheer creativity on display compounded by the possibility to use technologies that did not exist a few years ago or existing technologies that would not have been even considered a few years ago. Add to this the fact that floral artistry is the only artistry to involve a living component, and as a result, the ultimate delicacy, and you get the recipe for never-seen-before creations. On one hand, you have the true artists, who literally create floral ‘Art’ and play with the ephemerality of the subject matter, the notion of beauty after death in particular. On the other hand, the designers who have revamped floristry, either through reinterpretation of the past – still-life-style of old masters; or by freeing flowers through organic arrangements – the ‘just hand picked’ look. It is almost as if anything goes, however with a commanding respect for the medium.

Sky is literally the limit for some artists. The way they push the boundaries of what can be done in floral art is just a testament of the times we live in. Designers of all sorts are encouraged to think out of the box and as a result the confluences between art, design and technology are now almost a given. Flowers by Bornay is one great example. The Spanish team excels at creating futuristic still life where fresh flowers are immortalised with spray paint in vivid colours, where cubes of foam mirror flowers in one same arrangement (The Pixel series) or where low pots display painted plants, flowers and rocks so as to form otherworldly scenes (The Carpet series). Japanese artist, Azuma Makoto is another maestro when it comes to use flowers in unconventional ways. One of his latest project, Exobiotanica, has looked at submitting some of his signature arrangements to harsh and unusual environments. He has already sent the arrangements into the stratosphere and video recorded the effect high pressure had on the works. Soon he will do the same in wetland and in the middle of the desert, so as to compare the way flowers do degrade in very different environments. Floral Contemporary showcases more of Azuma’s unorthodox projects. In a different genre, German Heiko Bleuel treats his compositions as architectural elements: inverted pyramids, suspended clusters; whereas Dutch Saskia de Valk revels in simplicity via paired down installations that evoke a botanist’s laboratory. I believe the book conveys the multitude of innovative ways floral artists approach their subject matter through the line-up of names and the selected striking visuals.

Henry Hudson - Art Flowers

This book is available at all good bookstores, all over the world, and of course, online here as well! If you are in the US, keep an eye out for ART FLOWERS and if you are in the UK and rest of the world look out for FLORAL CONTEMPORARY. Different covers, same great book!

Credits: Olivier Dupon.


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